Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Where in the World - Day 17 Singapore

I remember visiting the Orchid Gardens in Singapore, so that's what I came up with:
A Blue Singapore Orchid.
This was only my second attempt ever at a gradient, so please be kind.
I used a lot of colours to create this effect:
With Flash
I purposely didn't blend the colours too much, because flowers are not perfect.
Lamp Light
With Flash
Look at my desk - I think this is why I mostly stay away from gradients:
The mess!!!!
And finally, here is Nikolai, yet again tucking himself under the sheets:
It's very warm and humid here, so I have no idea why he'd do this
Thanks for stopping by - next time we'll go to Ukraine!


  1. Gorgeous mani and absolutely beautiful inspiration ♥ Orchids are my favorites. My wedding bouquet was white Japhets and my bridesmaids carried white Cymbidium bouquets (also what DH and his groomsmen's boutonnieres were). LOVE the kitty picture, too :) Awesome post all around, girlie!

    1. The wedding flowers sound divine! thank you for the kind words))

  2. Ohmigosh, I have never seen an orchid like that before! What beautiful inspiration! I like your gradient, too--and the mess shot. Sometimes, beauty is messy work!

    1. They are amazing in person!!! Of course they have been specifically bred to look like that, but still very beautiful. Thank you - sometimes we need to get dirty))

  3. Gorgeous colors in the flower and mani! And your cat is so cute!


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