Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holiday haul and #nailmail!!!

Hi lovelies, I thought I should post this awesomeness that came my way during December.
First up, my mum brought me these tiny little precious bottles:
They're super cute!! Will post swatches))
Next, while in Bali I found these beauties:

Metallic 4 Life, Tease-y Does It and Diva Of Geneva
The Perth airport Duty Free had a super sale going on, and I was in holiday mode:
Care To Danse?, Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey!, Princesses Rule!, Aphrodite's Pink Nightie, Manicurist Of Seville, Vampsterdam
Glitzerland, Happy Anniversary!, Pedal Faster Suzi, My Address is "Hollywood", A Grape Fit!, Yodel Me On My Cell
My Black Friday sales purchase. I restrained myself - unbelievable!
Sweets Way
This is from my Secret Santa in the Aussie Nails FB group:
Kleancolor Glod Rush, Silver Lining, City Never Sleeps; Australis Speck-tacular and Fairy Bread;
ulta3 Jelly; Boe Blue Illusion; Max Factor Lacquer Noir and Candy Blue
This parcel was a complete surprise! From the lovely Julz Perri:
Yes, that is China Glaze I'm Not Lion!
This next package came from Christine at Nails at 2 AM.
This is the SECOND part of her Secret Santa gift for me:
BYS Color Change in Blue and Sally Hansen Magnetic in Polar Purple, plus the amazing earrings and sweets!!!
And finally, here is the awesome swap package that came from Gin (aka Baroque Fool):
Essence Chic Reloaded, Stuck On You, Catrice Dirty Berry, Steel My Heart, Steel My Soul and Forget Me Not
And I thought Cat should make an appearance, since the blog is called cats (not just Nikolai):
Isn't she lovely? Such a girly girl
Thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. You got Kleancolor City Never Sleeps I just use it in my nail post.It's pretty!

  2. wow, i see you really restrained yourself ;)
    awesome polishes :D

  3. Oh my goodness... so many amazing polishes :D
    I have a few of those mini polishes by Yves Rocher and I really love them :)
    Tease-y Does It and Diva Of Geneva look amazing and so does Sweets Way :D
    Heck who am I kidding... everything looks amazing :)
    And Cat is soo adorable :)

    1. Thank you!! I agree the little polishes are very nice and the two you mentioned are two of my favs)


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