Friday, January 25, 2013

Prepare to be amazed!

Whilst I'm preparing the last of my Aussie brand posts,
 please enjoy some other awesome posts from my fellow bloggers in celebration of tomorrow's holiday:

Here is a great summary post featuring 5 hot Australian indie polish brands from So Nailicious
- fantastic selection!

Some stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge nail art from More Nail Polish!

I am preparing for a lazy 3-day weekend - it's going to be a scorcher!!!
(too many exclamation points in this post, but I'm just so excited)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So many cool links!!!!! And exclamation marks!!!!!!!!

    Ahem. ;)

    Have a great long weekend, try not to burn to a cinder.

    x Ren

  2. You can keep your hot weather over that side ;) Absolutely love Cathys harbour bridge. It's such a stunner!

    1. LOL we're keeping it warm for you)) You did a great job too!


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