Friday, January 4, 2013

Making your $$$ work - Take Two

Ok... so I know this has been done before, but bear with me.
I wanted to show how I use this method (not only for glitter removal, but for dark, staining colours too)
 in a way that doesn't require running to the store for a fresh roll of foil every week LOL

This is the removal process after my CG Drummer Boy post.

Start as usual - foil and cotton wool/discs:
First money saving trick - cut up your cotton wool/disc to the size of the nail
(not only are you saving, but also your cuticles don't get soaked!)
I cut each disc into 6 pieces: 
As you can see that's PLENTY for the nails I have (if you have larger nails - cut the disc in 4)
Next comes the foil. Again, no need to use a huge amount. I prefer a triangle shape.

Fun fact - did you know cutting foil sharpens your scissors?

Anyway, back to the nail - I make an envelope, like so:
1. center the nail
 2. fold one end over
 3. fold the other end over
4. fold the top over.

 Finished result:
Now you wait the usual amount of time (3-5 min for me works ok)
I carefully take off the little parcel:
Here are all 5 from the left hand:
Drumroll...... you take each of these, add a little remover, and stick them on the right hand!
By the time I am done with both hands - this is ALL that I have used:

I know this may be extreme to some of you, but why waste money when you don't have to?
I get away with using as much for both hands as some people use for two fingers.

As I mentioned earlier - this is not just for glitter.
Anytime I use red, blue, green, purple or any other colour that may stain - I will use this method. 
I will also do this when I use a peel off base coat, but only leave it on for about a minute.
Same goes for my toes - and they get to have some glitter sparkles all year round!

I do hope this has been a useful post! Always happy to hear your thoughts and opinions))
What are the tricks you use?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. i had no idea cutting tin foil sharpens scissors! that's really interesting!

  2. Wow, thanks for the tip! I did not know cutting foil sharpens scissors!!! This is a great way to not waste cotton and foil. I'm going to try this!

  3. Such a great tip! I need to try this :) xoxo

  4. Thank you for the tip!!

    Hope you're having a great New Year so far! :)

  5. I use my hands too much and the foil kept falling off my fingers T-T; I use silicon finger covers that I found in the office supply section of my local Daiso (100 yen store). I soak a piece of cotton pad like you do, place it on my nail and then pop one of those over my finger tip! So far I've only spent 200 yen (about $2.50) and the silicon is still holding up. Thanks to this I was able to wear glitter all December--before, I dreaded the removal so I avoided glitter most of the time!

    1. Thanks a great tip! Thanks so much for sharing))

  6. Ha! You are even more frugal than me!
    I would re-use the foil but change the cotton inside of it.
    Maybe I should try your way and use even less cotton :)

    1. Love it Louanne!!! we all have different ways, but so glad you shared)))

  7. I'm up for anything money and time saving - I avoid glitters as much a possible because I hate cleaning them off :) will def try out your thrifty idea!


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