Thursday, January 24, 2013

OMG Nail Strips (my first) Review

Recently I was contacted by OMG Nail Strips to review some of their products. *squeel* 
Of course I said YES!
Here are the two types of products they have: nail polish strips and foil strips.

Nail Polish Strips in Speckle and Nail Foil in B/W Flower

Each packet comes with detailed instructions on the back:
1. Clean and manicure nails and cuticles prior to applying nail strips
2. Peel nail strips from the flat side of the strip, the rounded side will be placed just above your cuticles.
3. Place the round side of the nail strip at the base of your cuticle. Applying pressure from the middle of the cuticle press around in one direction and then the other.
4. Holding the nail strip at the cuticle base stretch the nail strip over the tip of the nail while smoothing out any creases on the side of the nail.(foils need to be stretched more than polish strips to reduce bubbling)
5. Using a cuticle pusher tuck the nail strip in along the cuticle base.
6. Hold your nail so it is facing up and use a thin fine grain nail file, filing in a (downward only) direction to remove the excess nail strip from the tip and around the sides of your nail.
7. Now that your nail foil is applied use a hair dryer on high heat and your finger to smooth out any remaining imperfections. (for Nail Polish Strips heat is not necessary but you will want to apply two coats of clear coat to increase longevity.)

I decided to test out the nail polish strips on my friend (she is a nurse = heavy duty testing!!!) and also her nails are much flatter than mine, giving the strips a better chance to lay flat against the nail beds.
Here are her nails straight after the application (we added a "normal" top coat, not SV):
As you can see, the strips lay nice and flat. I was pleasantly surprised with the application - although these are not "real nail polish" strips like Sally Hansen, they are very pliable and stretch well. We had no issues getting the strip to adhere to the nail, however, after being stretched and filed off, the strips shrunk a little and exposed some tip. Unless you knew to look for it - you could barely tell.

Next I asked my lovely friend (let's call her Ms.Young) to go about her normal routine at work and at home. Some of the activities included gardening, cleaning and washing dishes; as well as countless hand washes at the hospital. Drum roll please......
I know the pic is blurry, but you can tell the damage is minimal after 5 days of grueling wear!!!
To be completely honest, from previous experience with cheap "plastic" nail strips - I was expecting her to tell me everything had come off by the end of the next day! So this was a total surprise)))

I am very excited to try out more of the designs! The OMG Nail Strips are available online, starting from US$2.99 and they offer FREE worldwide shipping!

For more reviews be sure to check out their Facebook page.
Thanks for stopping by!

This product was provided for my honest review. Please read my Disclosure Policy.


  1. Yes they did last very well, and the website has a nice range of colours for good prices! Very happy with them

    1. Haha! You're blowing the incognito I created for you LOL WE should try the black & white flowers next time))

    2. lol yes i would like to try the black and white flowers at some point to see if there is any difference the nail polish/foil strips

  2. These are so cute! Free shipping too! How exciting!

  3. Ooh that's great they lasted really well on you! I shall have to try these, I love nail strips :)

    1. Yes, lasted very well all things considered!

  4. Replies
    1. Check out their website - so many more!!! Plus free shipping))

  5. Oh wow... if my nails were in better condition, I would be jumping to buy these. Great review!


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