Monday, January 14, 2013

Going Down Under: MIKI

Today I am pleased to show some more Aussie beauties.
Strictly speaking, these are made in Taiwan; but since they are available
 in every Terry White chemist, I'm calling them Australian.
First is the poetically named Shade No.16 - a deep purple with gold and fuchsia shimmer.
With Flash
Lamp Light
Although the purple was the first one to catch my eye, I bought two because they were 2 for $5.
After some rummaging I found another beauty to take home - Shade No. 18.
(Don't you just love the names?!)
Natural Light
This is a forest green shimmer.
With Flash
Bonus picture - hubby removing polish from his nails:
He was reading out the names to me as I added the newest arrivals to my spreadsheet;
and decided to try some on his nails LOL! No one can resist swatching)))
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  1. I love the forest green <3


    1. It is very striking, too bad the bottle is so tiny!


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