Friday, September 28, 2012

Where in the World - Day 7 Denmark

Today I have a little story. Princess Mary of Denmark is Australian by birth, she was born in Tasmania. And we just recently went on a holiday, which included Hobart - her birth place. So, you can understand how I found my inspiration very quickly:

I used two Maybelline Mini Colorama polishes for the design - Berry Sweet and Party Blue. Then I picked out some hexagon glitter from BYS Million Dollar Baby to represent the regalia the Princess has on her sash.

I really like how this one came out)) 
Here is a bonus pic of me ages ago in Copenhagen the week before the royal wedding
(I look a bit pink because I got sun burned when were skiing in Norway the day before LOL)

Copenhagen, 2004 
Thanks for stopping by!! Next time we're going to Sweden!


  1. This mani is so pretty! I love the glitter accents you used to represent her gown!

  2. Waaaw, that`s sooo nice =) I love it =) And Copenhagen ... aaah, great memories =))

  3. WONDERFUL mani!!!
    And I am so envious at you visiting Denmark. I really really wanna visit there too one of these days!

  4. Very nice and original :)
    I like it too much !

    Kisses =)

  5. wonderful crown! .)

  6. Very lovely manicure!
    Sweden is waiting for you ;)

    1. LOL and I love Sweden! especially the herring - yum!

  7. So so so so so pretty :)
    I love that you added the detail on the blue band :)
    I love this :)

  8. it looks so beautiful!!! i love love the little glitters!!!

  9. Really beautiful! I love your connection and your mani!


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