Thursday, September 20, 2012

THREE Nail Art Challenge - Day 6 Emotion

So this one was a head-scratcher of a theme: what is an emotion? what is a feeling? How do i choose just one? and then when I do choose it - how do I represent it? I had been thinking about this for about a week now (cra-a-a-zy!) The obvious ones were love, happiness, unicorns and rainbows, and all things sweet; unfortunately that's not real life. Look at this little dude:

I think anger, frustration and disappointment are more common. Or rather, they take more effort. Positive emotions come and go easily, but negative tend to stay with us longer. I am always for "turning a frown upside down", so to make light of the negativity I turned it into a polish concoction! As you know - polish can make the worst day better - whether it's nailmail, or a little shopping trip, or just doing your nails! Enough of the chit-chat, on to the pictures: 
L-R: Manicare Red Jelly (nameless), Essence Punk Royal Rock top coat,
 BYS Million Dollar Baby
I like that this is layered backwards: first the glitters, then the colour.
Close up
What do you think? Do you agree with my interpretation? Stay tuned - next theme is "Soft". Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Nice,good idea with going with glitter first and then color,will have to try that:)

    1. Kind of like a sandwich, except straight on to the glitter

  2. awesome combo, love the glitters :-D
    agree, bad emotion have that nasty habit to stay with us longer :-p

  3. I really love this!!! Most people do all the lovey-dovey crap, which is fine, just not all the time!! And since I've been in a funk lately, this is perfect :)

  4. Awesome combination, I absolutely love this :)
    I totally agree with you, bad emotions do tend to stay with us for too long :)
    You did a great job sweetie :)

  5. Well...we had to represent our favourite emotion, not a negative emotion... so I don´t agree with your theme. Anyway I like this mani and have never seen glitters first! have to try it! xx

    1. I guess I just thought we don't get to pick our emotions, so nothing can be a favorite one))) Thanks for your comment!


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