Friday, September 7, 2012

THREE Nail Art Challenge - Day 2 Ultra Modern (II)

As I said yesterday, I was super excited for this theme - so I've done two manis and this is Part Two. My inspiration for this one is very special - it's actually our local council building! Now the structure itself is not exactly modern (just your standard issue government building), but the light show they put on at night is awesome-sauce:
The first time I drove by I had to stop and have a look!!! It moves as well))

So I tried to recreate this on my nails:

Rimmel Lemon Drop, stamping using BM-214 and Rimmel Funtime Fuschia,
Essence Let's Get Lost, Break Through and Passion for Fashion

Note the use of the verb "tried" )) I am not sure what base colour would have been the best for this, I used a pale yellow instead of a white. Anyway, it was fun to try this and now I am looking forward to the next theme - Futuristic! Thanks for stopping by and feel free to have a look at how the other ladies interpreted the theme)

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  1. That light show is AWESOME! That would be hard to recreate. What a challenge. I think I would have just worn a holo polish! Good job though!

  2. PRETTY :) I love it a lot :)
    We have this tower thingy here in my city that they built a few years ago and it has a light show too :) It has gradient colors so sometimes its green and then it switch to yellow and red and so on :)

  3. I can see why you were inspired by this building,looks awsome!And the mani turned out pretty cool too!

  4. That building looks badass :) And you recreated it very good :)

  5. That building is fab! Nat, I adore your work :)

  6. Awesome! Great that you did two manicures! :D

  7. That is the most amazing building! Those are some pretty amazing nails, as well :)

  8. I love this building!!! I wish we had it here in my city too!!! And I love your mani, it's a perfect recreation!

  9. Love this once again it looks fantastic :)!

    Charlotte Xx

  10. Awesome! I haven't tried stamping yet but im planning to. :P I just started blogging, hope you visit my site too...


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