Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pretty in Pink

 I don't normally do review posts, but I had to share this pink/copper/purple glittery goodness with you!
This is Ebon Roses by Femme Fatale Cosmetics.

The glitter is suspended in a clear base, so I used once coat of Chi Chi Marcia Marcia Marcia! as a base. (If you are in Australia and are looking for excellent stamping polishes, I highly recommend Chi Chi polishes. They come in a mini and are very affordable - I usually find them in clearance bins at Target for $2.50 Hooray for bin diving!) Here is the finished look:
With flash
The glitter was easy to apply, there is plenty of it and the brush picks it up quite evenly, so I didn't have to dig for a specific type. Also I like that it wasn't too "thirsty" - only required one thick coat of Seche Vite.
Close up in the sunlight

I got this polish online from Femme Fatale Cosmetics as part of a set of 3 glitters. (This was a sanctioned break from my no buy, because I have been so good and didn't make any purchases since beginning of June- yay me!) 
Let me ask you this - do you ever have the dilemma of loving a mani so much, you don't want to take it off? But then you also want to create something new on your nails? I'm in that situation right now!!! I love how this looks, but I also have so many other ideas))) Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I can't believe this is a Chi-Chi polish! So cute!! I normally pass up Chi-Chi, I've got no idea why, but I'll have to look into buying this one!

    1. Most of them are one-coaters, so I love them!

  2. This is gorgeous!!! It looks awesome layered over the pink.

    1. Thanks Jacqui - i like to do a like-on-like layer))

  3. I'm in a I-don't-want-to-take-off-my-min situation quite a lot!! Sometime sim even mad at myself for posting every day:)) this one is really pretty, I can totally see why you didn't want to take it off!!


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