Monday, September 24, 2012

Where in the World - Day 5 Poland

Horray! A country I have been to and a place I visited - Szczecin! It's a lovely city on the Oder River and is close to the Baltic Sea. I welcomed 2004 NY there while visiting family friends. That evening we went to listen to a classical music concert, so I thought I would recreate the new  Philharmonic building:
Doesn't it remind you of an iceberg or maybe an icicle, or a crystal?
I started off with a coat of GOSH Holographic Hero (an awesome polish! sent to me in a swap by @gracilee on Instagram); then I sectioned off the outline of the building using striping tape. Next step colour in the building and the sky parts (using a basic white and blue by Jezy - a cheapie brand with a great range). To finish the look I used a sliver striper to go over the outline again and make it "pop", then topped the whole design with a bit of Essie Perlification, and of course Seche Vite!

I love how this turned out - better than I planned it in my head! It's a great feeling when that happens)))


  1. I really do like this! Very funky indeed!

  2. Oh wow this is so pretty!!!
    I love the way you created it and I love the silvery addition. Such class!!
    And one day I plan to see this building in real life too ;-)

  3. These look so great! And that building is breathtaking! Amazing mani!

  4. Szczecin is a really nice city ;)

  5. Oh I'm so glad you liked Szczecin!! What a shame, I'm from Poland myself and I've never seen this building!!! Lovely mani and inspiration! :)

    1. Thanks Gosia! I think it's an artists impression, and is something that will be built soon!

  6. I really love this... great inspiration and the nails look absolutely fantastic :)


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