Monday, September 3, 2012

THREE Nail Art Challenge - Day 1 Antique

I have been looking for a challenge to join since I started the blog, but I didn't want to do the same ones that have been done over and over. Then I came across this one by the lovely Mateji:
Mateji Ustvarjata
The challenge is broken up into three parts of three:
Part One - Time
1.1st: Antique
2. 5th: Ultra modern
3. 9th: Futuristic
Part Two - Favorites
1.11th: Favourite song
2. 15th: Favourite book
3. 19th: Favourite emotion
Part Three - Adjectives
1.21st: Soft
2. 25th: Edgy
3. 29th: Wavy

Now on to my submission for day one. At first I was thinking of antiques furniture, fabrics, etc. But I just recently did something similar, so I changed my mind to jewels. Like these:

Some of the Imperial jewels from the Kremlin Armory
So what better to use to recreate this look, then GLITTER!!! And lots of it!

OPI Shimmer and Simmer, an unknown red glitter (any suggestions?), and Crown Me Already!
I started with a gloriously shiny base of silver, then added blobs of the colour glitter and rhinestones. Prepare for lots of photos!!!

Can you tell I LOVE how it turned out!? Will have to keep this in mind for a special occasion. What do you think?

These are the other lovely ladies taking part in the challenge:
Mateji ustvarjata
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Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for the next part - Ultra Modern! ))


  1. Ahh I love how sparkly this is! :)

  2. oh,very nice,I like it,look like you have diamonds on your nails:)

  3. such a bling-bling manicure, like it :-D

  4. You're right- it is very refreshing to see a new challenge. This makes me want to wear an extreme amount of glitter!

    1. So fun!)) And I look forward to seeing everyone's manis everyday))

  5. Im excited bout this challenge to!
    and the most fun is that the challenges are indeed challenges!
    not just red nail yellow nails green nailss.. feel me?
    And for your manicure i really think its beautifull with all the bling
    i love rhinestoned so i love ur design


    1. I agree completely))))can't wait to see the next one!

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog! nice post!

  7. I love your bejeweled nails! Glitter is always a guilty pleasure of mine and your nails are drowning in them. I love it! :D

  8. love all the gems on your nails, it looks so adorable and glittery!

  9. I really like this idea =). Great work. Can't wait to see ultra modern =)

  10. Such a pretty sparkle!
    Love theses.

    Charlotte Xx


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