Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where in the World - Day 8 Sweden

I have to be honest - Sweden is much more than IKEA, but where would we be with out it?
I felt that this is my chance to honor the brand:

A bit corny, I know, but you can never have too much IKEA!

Natural light
 I used Essence Walk on Air and Models Prefer Fun in the Sun for this design.
Close up
Next stop in our around-the-world adventures is United Kingdom, so stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by))


  1. Are you on InstaGram? I think I am following you on there... catsnnails? :)

  2. Very nice job. I absolutely love Ikea! So many things all in one place lol!

  3. LOL! I love this! What a great hommage to Sweden!

  4. I used to love ikea but I think I just love going there more then their items!! Their stuff is pretty good quality but can be pretty pricey for what it looks like and is a pain in the but to put together!! Love this post though!! So fun :)

    1. I also enjoy the browsing, the catalogue, the $3.00 breakfast and the food shop. Did I mention the food shop? I love the food shop!

  5. Hahaha what a great idea!!! love it :-)


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