Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Living up to the name: Cats & Nails

It's that time again - kitties take over the blog!
Cats everywhere))
That's Nikolai being cute on top of the blog sale box
I even found a way to get kittens on my nails!

This plate is the latest edition to my stamping collection:
OB15 Stamping Plate
I got it from Ninja Polish for $5 plus shipping and I have to say - quite impressed!
Lamp light
With flash 
The kittens were a pleasant surprise, because frankly I didn't even notice them on the plate
 until I was holding it in my hand. These two large "tribal" prints was why I got the plate.
I did these very quickly, so they're a bit sloppy (oops!);
but it should give you an idea of how the designs looks on the nail.
Natural light
With flash
Hope you enjoyed this quick review post - I would definitely recommend these plates:
the designs are etched well and details transfer fully.

Here is some random picture spam from Instagram for October:
How cute is he?!
Very curious
New way to drink - dip your paw, then lick it
New Nine West shoes!
And Nikolai got to destroy the bag

And here is hubby covered in kittens on a Sunday morning 
In preparation for my Helmer next week I did a little organizing 
My one and only Halloween design this year
Practicing gradient on my friend (Thanks Alisha!)
Out for a night on the town
Cat monitoring Nikolai from the safety of the book shelf
Monkey being the cutest cuddle baby
Nikolai "helps" me check the blogs by hunting the mouse pointer
Awww, his fist heat wave 
Cat looking very stern, but she's my sweet girl
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Haha your cats are adorable! My Siamese is the same, he sits infront of the computer with me and checks the blogs, and if I don't pay him enough attention he'll sit directly infront of the screen so I can't see haha. I love that stamping plate too, I had been contemplating getting it for awhile but left it out of my last order because I was spending too much money! >.<

    1. It is a must for any cat-lover))) Kittens are very cheeky I agree, all about attention!

  2. your cats are soooo cute! I have a burmese blue and he looks just like Monkey. I just want to cuddle them :) I have that stamping plate, i got it just because of the cute kittens on it xx

    1. Thanks Karen! He is my little cuddle monkey boy)) And the plate is very cute - all of the designs are great!

  3. Hahaha how cute is your cat??? Love it!!!

    Come to see my blog! Kiss kiss

  4. OMG your cats are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing so many cute pics :)

  5. Your cats are so beautiful!

  6. Your halloween nails look awesome! Your cat is soooo cute :)

    1. Thanks Mishelle! I just threw them together one night))

  7. Love your Halloween mani!!! And how awesome is that little kitten stamp!!!

    1. Thanks! yes, the little kitten looks just like my monkey - with big round eyes))

  8. love the white and blue tribal print nails, so cute for summer!
    Your kitten is super cute :)

  9. the cheeky monkey strikes again! if only we could figure out what he is thinking... very cute though, if only he acted as innocent as he looks! like the picture of the gradient btw, lol!

    1. I'm so glad you're able to comment))) Thanks for being a very patient hand model LOL


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