Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Favorite Sport

Bargain hunting!!!! 
I have been training for this most of my life and dedicate lots of my spare time to perfecting my skills))
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I wanted to share some of my recent bargain bin treasures with you! 
First up, let me introduce non-Aussie readers to the brand Bloom.
This is an Australian brand that retails for $19.95 usually (yes, that is $19.95!)
same as OPI in the department stores (the only two we have David Jones and Myer).

But, luckily, Bloom has a less expensive line created especially for Target;
it is called "b Collection" by Bloom .
This is where my bargain senses start tingling))) Target regularly fills clearance bins with polish.
I have gone to every store in my surrounding area and "sniffed out" all the marked down items.

Here is what I found for $5 each:

San Francisco 
Lamp light
This one is amazing! It is a green shifter, which is impossible to catch (of course!) 
But think of OPI Glacier Bay Blues, except in green.

Natural light

With flash
This is a deep red with prominent gold shimmer (in the bottle and on the nail)
I can see myself reaching for this bottle often!

Lamp light

Lamp light
This is my favorite out of the three!!! 
It is a stunner:  pinky-lilac shimmer that is perfectly opaque in two thin coats!

Natural light
I am in heaven)))

With flash
So here are my latest bargains - what do you think? Do you enjoy grabbing a bargain?
 Or are you happy to pay any price if it's something you really like?

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  1. Omg Chicago is just gorgeous! I love a good bargain bin find :D

  2. Do I enjoy grabbing a bargain? Hello?!! Bargain!

    1. Bargains are good - I heard a rule that you should only buy something on sale, if you would pay full price for it. It definitely applies to these!!!!


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