Friday, November 23, 2012

Where in the World - Day 14 France

Today I'm inspired by France!
I knew I wanted to do something food related, then I came across these:
They look adorable, and perfect for using all my recent pastel purchases!!
Too bad I have never been to France or tried macaroons((
Here  is my design:

I used most of my Face of Australia pastels, plus a BC Co polish from Kmart and
two of the colours that come in a big stick from Coles
(Aussies girls will know what I'm talking about).

Overall I am happy with the idea of the design, but I would probably do them all the same next time
- this is a little bit too overwhelming for me.

Hope you enjoyed my food inspiration (mmmm!) and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cute design! Hmm, Macaroons... are sugarbombs. If you have a sweet tooth, it'd be great! But if you don't, just a little try for trying sake - no harm done. :)

  2. Your design is gorgeous!
    And the best macaroons in the world are indeed in France at Pierre Hermé. But in my opinion they are much much better looking and not that much better tasting. A matter of texture for me. LOL
    So I like your version of the Macaroons so much better!!!

    1. Thanks Jin!!! This version doesn't hurt the waist line either)))

  3. Yummmmm!!!! Lovely mani & sweet inspiration! :)

  4. Cute! I don't think I've tried them either, but they're lovely to look at :)

  5. that mani is really nice and well done with the pastels. The one with the brown base colour makes the pastels stand out really well

    1. I thought you'd like this! Its very sweet (hehehe) maybe we can do something similar for you


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