Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Showing my 'stache - Yellow & Green

Today's installment of the stash showing will feature Yellows and Greens!
I also want to say "Thank you!" to all who like these posts -
they are so simple to "write" I feel like I am cheating)))

  1. Essence Peaches (very smooth and creamy)
  2. China Glaze Solar Power (hidden shimmer)
  3. Models Prefer Fun In The Sun (super bright true yellow)
  4. Portmans Acid (in-your-face neon)
  5. Barielle Myrza's Meadow (shiny!)
  6. GOSH Green Hawaii (sparkles!!!!)
  7. L'Oreal Majestic Green (reminds me of this moment in fashion)
  8. Misa Blame It On Fat Tuesday (true kelly green)
  9. ulta3 Mermaid Green (lovely muted colour)
  10. BC Co Shade 2 (brightest neon green)
With Flash
Natural Light
Lamp Light
Do you own any of these colours? What is a bright colour you like the most?
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Gosh Green Hawaii is so gorgeous! This series is so cute! I'm completely in love with blog posts where people show their stashes or how they store their polish haha

    1. Thanks for that awesome feedback!! I'll keep them coming)) and I agree - I think that GOSH was one of my first "out there" polish buys LOL

  2. I'm also commenting for Green Hawaii! I haven't seen that here! Gonna have to look for it...

    1. It's a very special polish - dries a bit gritty, but nothing that Seche can't fix))

  3. Wohooo! Yellows and greens! I used to dislike wearing yellow on nails, I actually once thought "seesh, why wear yellow on nails if its gonna look like your nails stain yellow?" but now, "why did i ever thought yellow was bad?! they make for great art!" LOL!

    I now, have a couple of yellows in my stash. One 2 muted and one neon yellow. o__O and I recently realised I've got a few similar lime greens (must have subconsciously like that colour somehow...) XD

    1. Thanks for sharing! I felt a bit the same for a while)) And although a lime green is hard to pull off on it's own - it makes a great base for a design))

  4. Again, great selection, I don't own any of these either! (my stash is not so big, but I own 300 polishes ca.) My favourite of this selection is China Glaze Solar Power it looks like a yellow I could pull off. bright colour I like the most is neither a green nor a yellow, but orange! Well, it seems all my "bright" colours are either orange or coral-orange, anyway.

    1. That CG is a great choice))) Very soft yellow with shimmer, and watch this space - I have corals scheduled for later in the week))


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