Monday, November 26, 2012

Making your $$$ work

Let me start off by saying: "Hello, my name is Natalia and I am a shopaholic!"
I am also stingy. The dilemma is how to make these traits co-exist. 
Short answer - spend a little, get a lot! This is where these little beauties come in:
All-A-Flutter (2012 LE Easter)
These retail in Australia for AUD$14.95 (ranges from $6.95 on clearance to $16.95 in some pharmacies).
(Not that I would EVER pay full price for ANYthing)
Today I will show you how to get 2 (yes, TWO) full manicures and pedicures out of the box.
First off, if you've never used these - you are missing out big time! The strips are made out of real nail polish, but there is no drying time involved and the designs are very intricate and unique.
I find they are great for someone (ME!) who has very curved nail beds.

The box includes two packets of 8 strips in each. Instructions will tell you that each pack is for one hand.
I say bull$hit!!!! Each pack is enough for 10 fingers and 10 toes. Here's how:
What you'll need: one packet of the strips (plus any board and any cuticle stick)
 Step 1: Open up the packet (put the remaining packet away for next time, just make sure it is not 
damaged or open - otherwise the strips will dry out and be useless). Lay the strips out and 
choose 5 that will work the best for your hands.
Each side of the strip is slightly different, but you can trim and round as required
 Step 2: Once you have selected and separated the hands/feet strips, find a base colour to match the strips.
Here I had two that were close, but I always go with the one that will require the least amount of coats.
Step 3: Paint your nails with the selected colour :
Here we used 2 thin coats of Jezy
Step 4: Next you will start applying the strips to one finger at a time, alternating the hands.
The whole sticker goes on to the nail, cut the excess
Rotate the remaining strip and apply to the other hand.
File off the excess as per the instruction booklet (downward motion flat against the nail tip)

Here is the schematics of the cuts:
On the pinky I cut a line to round the shape a bit more on the opposite side
(this works best when the strips are still sealed with protective cover)

Same idea - two big toes and four little toes.
 Do the big toes first, then the remaining toes on each foot
 A couple of things to mention here: this looks a whole lot more complicated than it is; the entire process takes about 10-15 minutes. The result is great - smudge free and out-the-door. The strips are pliable - they will warm up in your hands, so you can stretch them a little for better fit. If you get a little tear - don't fret!

Here is the final result:
Thank you to my lovely hand model!
(P.S. I am wearing the remaining three strips as a pedicure this week)

 The wear time on these is fantastic! I recommend adding a "normal" top coat (not Seche Vite) to make 
it last even longer. If you do get a chip - touch it up with the base colour - no one will know!

I hope you found this "tips & tricks" post helpful. Perhaps I should do similar posts in the future ?
Let me know and thanks for stopping by!

This is what it looked like after 7 days of wear (my friend is an ER nurse!)
Right Hand (dominant)
Left Hand
All things considered - very impressive in my opinion!


  1. I have some of these in Zebra print haha :D I like to use them as an accent nail. This was a great post, I'd love to see more in the future!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! The strips I great for accent nails too))) I just have to have all my nails the same LOL it really bugs me if one is different (call me crazy - everyone else does)

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing :) I have been interested in those but always find the prospect of putting them on scary....but your post makes it look easy!!!!
    That butterfly pattern is gorgeous too.

    1. I recommend you start with one that you get for a very good price - that way if you do screw it up a bit, you don't feel bad. But after a couple of times it'll become very easy))) I just thought maybe I should do a stash post showing all of my strips too LOL

  3. I was never sure about these, in TK maxx in England they always have them for around £5 but never knew what they were like.
    Think I may Have to give them a try now :)

    1. I recommend them 100%!!! Give it a go - especially with a design that is complex (Like if it's something simple you can create with a stamp then it's not really worth it, I guess) I would love to see the results!!!

  4. I love this post! It's nice to know there are more "penny pinchers" like myself out there. I always check out clearance racks when I'm out (that's actually where I find most of my higher end polishes). I found some pedicure salon effects on clearance a while back, and I know that I will be getting more than one use out of them!

    1. Check out my post on my favourite sport - bin diving! LOL and yes, I bet you can do multiple applications from one pack of those as well)))

  5. i love the results! i have found the stickers last longer than the normal polish. When i normal polished nails, when i go to work, they last one maybe 2 days. So far the stickers have lasted 4 days with only a small chip!

    1. That's awesome!!! You know I have a wide selection of the stickers)))


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