Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Do you like fridge magnets?

I do! I collect them))) So if you ever want to send me a little one from where you are - feel free!
As promised, today's post is all about Australian magnetic polishes.
Since Sally Hansen magnetics are costing around $17 (!), I found some wallet-friendly alternatives.
I picked up this gift pack at Chemist Warehouse (or Wizard Chemist?) anyway, one of those places.
As you can see it was $14.99. The kit includes 2 magnetic polishes, a top coat and 3 magnets.
This is the front of the box
Back of the box with detailed instructions
Here are the polishes and magnets close-up: 
L-R: It's Chemistry and Rules of Attraction, plus the top coat
Very convenient magnets)))
Slightly curved and have a ridge all around
Here is what happened when I tried out the designs:
It's Chemistry
The magnets are quite strong and the polish responds well. I like the definition with the blue.
Rules of Attraction
The silver didn't react as well: the only one that came out OK was the circle magnet.
To sum up I would definitely recommend this set - even if you don't like the colours -
 the magnets alone are worth the money!

Next up is BYS. They released the magnetic line not too long ago and I've been wanting to try it out.
I picked up a couple of bottles at my local discount store for $3 each.
Magnetic Cobalt and Magnetic Venus
The bottles have a built-in magnet on the caps, so you have to flip the spare bottle if you want to use it. 
(Not a problem for me, because now I have the TBN magnets)

So I tried 4 designs: the 3 from TBN and my ring finger has the BYS lid magnet design.


The application of both these colours was quite goopy and thick, and they don't react well with the weaker magnets. However - the polish is very well pigmented, so I will most likely use it for stamping)))

And last, but most certainty not least, is ulta3 Magnetic I got for $5:

Comes with the magnet folded over the bottle
There are very clear directions on the magnet
The magnet is on the inside of the instruction leaflet
I wasn't sure if I'd like this, but it worked really well!

Again I used the TBN magnets and the ulta3 on my ring finger:
This is by far my favorite out of these)) 
The colour itself is very special and the definition is amazing - even with a weaker magnet.
If you want to choose only one, I would recommend this one.

P.S. Speaking of magnets, here is a bonus link if you're the crafty type: make your own magnet designs.

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  1. wuaaah I wish I knew you liked fridge magnets, I would have sent you one with your package from St. Louis!!! I usually ask my mom to bring me one from her travels, so I've got a little collection going too =)
    And I love love magnetic polishes!! I really like the circular design. I really wish they got more love all around!!

    1. LOL that's alright - I'm sure we have many more swaps))) The bulls eye is my fav out of them all (although the waves would have been, but the magnet is a bit weaker). The polish doesn't have to be one trick pony - I use it for stamping too!

  2. Those magnets are so cool! Are there any brands in particular you can't get easily/cost-effectively in Australia? Are all Sally Hansens so expensive? I can start a swap-box for you so that when I get some together from sales here and there I can send them along <3 And finding the perfect magnet to add to the package sounds like fun xD

    1. I really like the magnets too)) Mostly the american polishes (CG, OPI and NOPI) are not available at a decent price. I have some stuff listed on the wishlist - drop me a line, we can talk details))

  3. Thanks for letting me know about this :) I will be picking it up!

  4. My sister has tons of fridge magnets - I have a few but mostly I collect shot glasses and keychains.

  5. love your choice of colors, glad that the patterns on the magnets are more imaginative than before :D

    1. I agree - these magnets change things up a bit))

  6. What an awesome post! I love this - I have the Sally Hansen ones (I was lucky enough to win the whole set!) and they're pretty cool! I just ordered like 5 different magnets off ebay for around $1.10 each! I can't wait to try out the new designs!

    1. Thanks Julz! I thought it would be helpful for us Aussies)) It would be great to see the SH polishes!

  7. I haven't fall for the trend, I guess I'm not a Magnetic person :P

    1. I like to play with the magnets, but sometimes I just use the colours - I really like metallics)))

  8. gorgeous! will have to keep my eye out for the ulta 3 ones! love aussie posts! xo

    1. More aussie posts to come - January will be my Australia month on the blog))


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