Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blogger Collaboration Series: Lacqueerisa

I am pleased to welcome the lovely and talented Lacqueerisa to the blog today.
Please make her welcome and make sure to follow her blog for more spectacular designs!

Hello dear readers of cats-n-nails!
I am the author of Lacqueerisa. I am very grateful for this opportunity, and would like to offer my thanks to dear Natalia for inviting me to do a guest post based on the theme of “Inspired by Jewellery” for her and for all of you =D. 

Since I do not own many accessories that were inspiring, I went to to hunt for inspirations. Due to the fact that there are huge variety of artists there, that’s almost one of my go to places when I’m stuck and lacked inspirations. You have to admit, there are lots of eye-candies! Alright, alright back on topic. After searching high and low, I have finally settled with this beautifully embroidered pair of wood chevron earrings as my source of inspiration:
Now that you’ve seen the inspiration, here’s how I’ve translated it onto my nails!

I really love how the threads contrast against the wooden background and have sought to recreate that. Although you will have noticed that I’ve chosen to do with different ‘thread’ colours.

So, to prepare the wooden base I’ve used one coat of Lioele 39 onto each nail and using a nail art brush with Revlon Chocolate Truffle, I did random vertical lines to mimic the vertical patterns of the wooden base.

As for the chevrons, I started with the red first. I’ve used Revlon Pretty In Papaya followed by 17 Wave and Lioele 24. I drew the lines using a small nail art brush starting from the center to the edge, but I’m thinking a toothpick with a sharp tip might do a better job ;) And sealed the whole design with two coats of Seche Vite Top Coat.

And there you have it, my humble take of the gorgeous pair of earrings! Could not attempt the fourth colour, since, my nails are not long enough. I must admit I do like this design and hopefully you will like them too! 

Huge thanks to Natalia again the honour =D

Best regards,
How incredible was that?! Perfection)) I am loving the tribal theme at the moment!
Hope you enjoyed this guest post and don't forget to visit the blog for more designs.
Thanks for stopping by!


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