Thursday, November 1, 2012

Guest post from Nailed It NZ

Today I am posting over at Nailed It NZ and Jessie is taking over my blog. 
Please welcome her and go follow her blog!

Hi! I’m Jessie from Nailed it NZ. I’d like to say a big thanks to Natalia for letting me do a guest post on her blog – and she’s doing one on mine too, so don’t forget to check hers out!
I decided to do my first four seasons manicure for this, and here’s is what I came up with: 

I’ve taken a few photos along the way to show how I did it. I ended up changing the thumb nail at the end because I didn’t think it suited… so just ignore that oneAs you can see, I painted my nails with a yellow, orange and grey.

The colours I used were:
China Glaze – Sunshine Pop
Jordana – Sweet Orange
Mode - VIP

Next I sponged on a gradient on each nail – except the ring finger. For that one I just used a corner of the sponge to lightly dab a white, then the grey back over it.

I was trying to capture the colours of the seasons by doing these gradients. Summer makes me think of gorgeous, colourful sunsets so I chose yellow and orange, and in Autumn (or Fall) the leaves go beautiful red-orange shades. In winter it’s generally pretty grey and cold, and if you’re lucky there’s snow! And in spring you finally see the sun again and all the greenery starts growing back. I’m from New Zealand and it’s spring at the moment – I’m loving it!

The extra colours I used here were:
Jordana – Orangsicle
Jordana – White
CR – A green of some sort, the label’s come off :/
Mwah – “Col 41” – never used this brand before, but I think that’s the name!

Then I needed to paint on the design!

It was all hand-painted as you can probably tell. I used Jordana – Black for this, and a medium striping brush. I drew all of the trees to look like the naked winter one to start off with, then added leaves to suit the season.
My two favourite nails are the summer (pointer finger) and winter (ring finger) ones. The other ones ended up a bit messy in my eyes. Here’s a picture of my right hand, I think it ended up being alright! (Cats-n-nails note: I like the spring the best - because it's so bright!)

For the thumb, I first painted it yellow then sponged on some of the colours I had used on the other fingers. It ended up looking a bit like an autumn leaf, which I quite liked!

I like this photo! Just had to include it J
I hope you liked my four seasons nail art, and if you did I’d love it if you came and visited my blog!

 Isn't this a great design?! Thanks so much for creating this blog post, Jessie!))


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

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