Sunday, November 4, 2012

When bloggers meet up (aka EPIC HAUL)

Yesterday I had an awesome experience of meeting up with a fellow blogger - Mai from Nanna Nap
It was so much fun!!! Amazing to be able to talk face-to-face about the stuff we write and read about (although she did call me a "crazy enabler" LOL). 
As you would expect, the day was spent hunting polish and chatting))) 

Original picture
We found some fantastic polishes and I had my very first LUSH store experience!
Here is everything I bought!!! (not pictured - new shoes that I am wearing)

First up is LUSH! As I mentioned, it was my first time, and I had heard such great things (who doesn't know about Lemony Flutter in the nail world?). I didn't realise that there was a store in Perth, let alone one in a shopping centre that I know of. It was amazing!!! The smells and colours overwhelmed me, but we had a great "guide" - Kelvin (find him on IG @k3lvin). I wanted EVERYTHING!!! Common sense took over and I only got a few treats:

Dragon's Egg, Butterball, Twilight  Bath, Stepping Stone Foot Scrub and Porridge Soap
plus little tester post of Enchanted eye cream, Creme Anglaise and Gorgeous face moisturiser

Next up is the actual reason for our meeting - the swap! 
Since we're both in Perth it was only logical to meet and swap, instead of mailing it to each other. 
Beautiful soft spring colours to add to my collection, thanks Mai!

L-R: Van D'Go and Mod About You
We hit a few stores. I won't list them all here, but if something catches your eye I'll give you the full details.

L-R: Sportsgirl Love Potion and Abracadabra
The dark green may be similar to Live and Let Die judging from the pics I've seen
L-R: Emerald and Blueberry
I will do proper swatches, as this photo blows - you can't see the gorgeous shimmer in both
L-R: Mad About Plaid and All A-Flutter
Love these strips -I get a two full mani-pedis out of a box, so this is a bargain

Let me know if you'd like a tutorial on how to get the most out of the application
BYS Matte Top Coat
Great quality for $4
I go though this very quickly lol
Bargain bin finds!
L-R: Knickers In A Knot, Flip Flops and Vampy
I'll do a proper swatch post, because again the shimmer is not visible
I got a little carried away))
L-R: Cosmopolitan, Devil's Punch and Grapefruity 
L-R: Frostbite, Purple Viking, Grapetini
L-R: Black Martini, Flaming Blue and Black Cat (hidden shimmer)
L-R: Parfait, Lilac and Morning Glory
L-R: Gaga For Glitter, Loving Lisa,Forget Me Not, Frosted Mauve
L-R: Enchanted, Silver Gray, Over The Rainbow, Plum Violet, Brandy Wine and Black Plum
The magnetic polish will be part of a review that I have scheduled for tomorrow along with
the TBN and BYS magnetic polishes I recently got.
Next are the new ulta3 pastels - they come in a large candy cane (which i ditched at the store)
I'm not writing the names, because they are clearly displayed.

And lastly - Jezy. I love these for watermarbling - they drip well. Also I got some sheer pink and nude as dupes for the OPI NY Ballet (i.e. to layer with Pirouette My Whistle)

L-R: 11, French Medium Pink and 36
L-R: 27, 22, 14, 10 and 40

Now that the pictures are out of the way, I wanted to ask you (yes, you) some questions.
I know I said it was great to meet a fellow blogger, but it also meant that I met a reader of my blog. 
So I asked Mai "What are some of the things you'd like to read about?" and I ask you the same. 

A few suggestions that we discussed: posts featuring Australian pharmacy brands (specifically Models Prefer); comparison posts on polish available in Australia; product reviews and helpful tips (like the SH polish strips application) and also a post about bloggers that I turn to for help/inspiration and know-how.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you've enjoyed this haul post!


  1. great haul. Mod About You is the only OPI polish I own!

  2. OH MY GOD WHAT A HAUL! Also when that first photo showed up in my feed I burst out laughing and my boyfriend looked over my shoulder and said, "That describes you perfectly." Thanks boy-toy. Anyway, can't wait to see what you do with these! I am super jealous (in the best way) ^___^

  3. I'm glad you can relate!! Hard to think I am alone in this crazy tunnel vision in the shops)) And my hubs is exactly the same - he saw me taking photos yesterday and just made a grunt-like noise LOL

    1. Bahahaha the man-grunt! xD They just don't understaaaand!

  4. Great haul :D I love lush, it's so close to my flat haha!

    1. We were thinking of getting the Perth nail/beauty bloggers we know together - would you be interested in meeting?

    2. I know I would be! Haha, just inviting myself here. Great haul btw! So jealous of your lovely polishes & prodz!

    3. No problems, Julz - you were one of the people I had in mind too!

  5. WOW!!! What a great haul!! Black Martini looks like one I'd grab in order to satisfy cravings for Zoya Storm. Looking forward to see swatches of Black Cat, looks like hidden treasure there! Haha!! And Gaga for Glitter looks great too! Having my eyes on Purple Viking too! ♥

    1. I am sensing you would not be opposed to seeing some swatches then? LOL My cuticles are recovering from a blue comparison that should be up this week, so I'll get to swatching today-tomorrow)))

  6. Wow! That is some haul! You put my measly efforts to shame, must try harder. Great post! x

  7. Whoa baby that is a great haul! I love Lush and I'm glad to hear your first in-store experience was very positive!

  8. you did well with your bargain shopping, bought some great colours. I've finally worked out how to join and post a comment, yay!

  9. What a haul!! Those Nail It Polishes look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks! I am so happy there are australian brands that are making nice colours now))

  10. Epic haul indeed. Amazing polishes you got there.

    1. LOL Thanks Lizzy - I'll be posting them in more detail in the coming weeks))


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