Thursday, November 22, 2012

Showing my 'stache - Warm Metallics

This month is coming to an end soon, but I still have a few more 'stache posts!!!
Moving on to "warm" metallics today!

Here are my pretties:
  1.  Zoya Faye (purple on the nails, gold in the bottle - talk about surprises)
  2. Face of Australia Bronze (just perfect for stamping - I need to get the whole range)
  3. Jezy Shade 19 (I bet this is similar to Goldeneye)
  4. NYC Color Copper Penny (a non-streaky warm toned metallic)
  5. ulta3 Tropez (it's meant to be sand I guess, but it has a metallic frost to it)
  6. Face of Australia Calypso Gold (my hands-down number on favorite gold of all time! I have 3 bottles)
  7. NYC Color Platinum (not gold, not silver - more like a ... platinum?)
  8. BYS Diamond Glitter Silk (this is the coolest glitter - like liquid gold)
  9. China Glaze Swing Baby (beautiful shimmer and gloss)
  10. Essence Rich & Pretty (not quite silver or gold - love it)
  11. OPI Designer De Better (anyone want to send me a big bottle for Christmas?? Love you for life)

With Flash
Natural Light
Lamp Light
Do you own any of these polishes? why not!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm so so happy since buying Calypso from you, all time favourite gold here too! Such pretty, unobtrusive colour =D

    1. I am so very happy you're enjoying it!! I have back-ups since it's discontinued now - that's how much I'm in love)))

  2. #7 is gorgeous!! Can't believe it's an NYC!! Is it old?? I have never seen Metalic NYC's before!!

    1. This is an Aussie brand, lots of great colours!!

  3. Faye and Tropez look great!!! well actually they all look pretty good :) great post.

  4. Warm metallics are one of my greatest loves :) goldeneye has a lot more shimmer and glitter in it than than shade 19 - it's worth picking up!

    1. Thanks for that! I'll have a look in Myer or DJ))


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