Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Where in the World - Day 21 Japan

Hi lovelies!
I've been running around this weekend, so skipped a couple of days,
 but here is the next installment of the challenge!
I found this lovely Japanese silk print to inspire my design
Here is what I came up with
Just a bit of stamping layered over a base of Smudged Polish Bubble Naut
Please excuse the dryness of my hands - it's been very difficult to get them
 to retain moisture for some reason (any ideas?? is it the cold?? no clue)
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. LOve the stamping and nail art! :) Love how you utilized the stamping plate! Hmm, my aunt would recommend vaseline. But I've heard from friends that they don't really like the smell. So maybe cuticle oil + your ideal hydrating hand cream may aid in moisturising your cuticles/hands. :) It could be the cold..(seems a lot of people are more prone to dryness during winter) but I have noticed the air in Australia is much dryer than in my country.


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