Thursday, April 18, 2013

Paint It Blue! - Day Twelve and Thirteen

For Day 12 I wanted something refreshing )))
I chose Cinderella Slipper by Loony Lacquer - a lovely sparkly light blue with sliver and sky blue glitters

I added a stamp using Tempt by Revlon and my new plates from Messy Mansion.

For Day 13 I wanted to change it up a bit - so I started with a nude shimmer...
....then I added a base stamp using OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue....
... and I couldn't stop there, so I added another stamp using Barry M.

I quite enjoyed this combination, so may have to try it again!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cinderella Slipper is really cute!

  2. Cinderella Slipper is really cute!

  3. Nice polishes! I don't own any indie polish T.T so I don't know which is my favourite brand! Fingers crossed!


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