Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Paint It Blue! - Day Ten and Eleven

Hey I'm back! with a couple more updates...
Day 10 I wore Orly Angel Eyes:
Gorgeous glitter, but (I am about to say something I hope to never have repeat!)..
I had a Hollywood moment and forgot to wear undies!!!
It really would have been better with some base colour - must try it again!

Day 11 I had some nail mail from the USA with a couple of super lemmings!!!!
Of course I had to try them asap!!
With Flash
Here is CG First Mate
Artificial Light

Then I added Essie Stroke of Brilliance - so shiny!
With Flash
Artificial Light
Hope you liked these - share if you own the polishes -I'd love to hear your opinions!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I've got Angel Eyes and Stroke of Brilliance. I haven't tried Angel Eyes with undies, but I used 3 coats which made it pretty opaque.

    1. I did do 3 coats, but I can never get it to full coverage around the edges - and that drives me a little bit crazy o_O


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