Monday, April 8, 2013

Paint It Blue! - Day Six and Seven

 My weekend wrap up!
 Saturday I wore ulta3 Blue Marlin with Sonoma Wine Country Wedding

If you don't own Blue Marlin - you're missing out!
It's a very close shade to Nails Inc Baker Street and it's only $2!!!
The white glitter topper is very unique and I love the subtle teal shimmer in it.

Sunday was Day 7 - I wore Chi Chi It's Raining Men on it's own.
A recent purchase that I HAD to test out and it did not disappoint me!
The polish is a bit sheer by itself and to preserve the mini bottle
 I layered it on top of BYS Royal Blue Matte. Look at that glow!

Don't forget to have a look at the amazing custom polishes that have been created for the auction!
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  1. Blue Marlin is so pretty! I love Ulta3 so it's strange I don't own it yet! I think it looks lovely with the white glitter top coat.

    1. You have to get it!! it's an amazing blue!

  2. very pretty, i love the glitters!

    1. The glitter seemed very unique to me - I find I am drawn to white glitters lately ))

  3. These are lovely blues. I love Saturdays look.

  4. Blue marlin is one of my favourites :)


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