Saturday, February 2, 2013

Going Down Under: Alanna Renee

Time to wrap up Aussie spam with a bang - enter the indie polishes!
This brand launched only a few weeks ago, but has already made it big.
 Most of the collection sold out in the first couple of days!!!!
I was one of the lucky ladies to get in on the action straight away - here are the beautiful shades I got!

Alanna was super sweet and sent me one polish for review along with the other bottles I ordered.
 Milky Way is a pearly luminescent glitter topper, here I swatched it over Models Prefer Skinny Dip
Natural Light
The glitter is all different shapes and sizes, but goes on super smooth!
With Flash
I think this one will get a lot of use! I am crossing all the CG toppers off my list now))
Lamp Light
Next lot are all the polishes I ordered.
I chose to layer Pacific over Models Prefer Free Style, because I am stingy (but you knew that already)!
This polish will build up to full opacity on it's own - on the swatch wheel I needed three coats.
Natural Light
This polish is all kind of gorgeous! I love teal-blue-green shades and this one is not exception.
With Flash
Lamp Light
Tranquil was the first shade to sell out.... on the day the store launched!!!
I snatched a bottle and all I can say is - you better be there for the restock!
Lamp Light
Absolute stunner! Perfect for our hot Aussie summer days at the beach))
Here I used 3 thin coats.
Natural Light
To borrow a line from a commercial: Easy, breezy, beautiful...!
With Flash
My love for vampy polishes may not be as well-known, but indeed it exists!
Thus I had to get a bottle of Black Cherry. I chose to layer it over Models Prefer Starlet Syndrome.
Natural Light
Once again - this will build up to full opacity without layering - it's a personal choice.
With Flash
The flash picture shows off the black micro glitter best - gorgeous contrast with the burgundy!
Lamp Light
Last, but by no means least, is Purple Addiction. A winning combination of purple, pink and teal!
I wore it as a full mani over Revlon Royal Cloak.
Natural Light
This polish can be worn by itself - two coats provide enough coverage.
With Flash
One of the best things about Alanna Renee polishes - the glitters lay flat against the nail,
and don't need a whole lot of top coat to even out!
Lamp Light
The polishes I have shown can be purchased here for AU$7.99.
For now they are only available within Australia, but make sure you ask for some in your
next swap with an Aussie lady!

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  1. Pacific looks like a stunner!!! :) hope you had a great Saturday!

    1. It is!!! Very deep and superbly formulated -Alanna did very well!!

  2. i'm definately a fan of Alanna Renee, such a beautiful and wide variety of colours

  3. i have nominated you for the Liebster award


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