Monday, August 6, 2012

Introduction to the cats

Here are my lovely kitties, first up is Agent Nikolai. He is our newest family member, and definitely the most playful one.
Agent Nikolai

Next is the Cat. Yes, with a capital "C". She is the queen of the manor. Although since the arrival of the little monkey (pictured above) she has been on edge.
Cat Bruce
I absolutely adore them both, and since I work from home full-time, they keep me company all day long. Check back for pictures of their antics - I will be posting regularly, as there is no shortage of material. Next time I am planning to include a story of how I ended up writing a blog. Catch you later!


  1. When I was first scanning this post i got freaked out that you had a picture of my cat. Bruce looks a lot like my cat Miffy (who also did not quite get along with the younger cat in the picture).

    BTW, I nominated you for the Liebster Award, follow my blog back for the Award!

    (If you've already been nominated don't feel you need to post about it twice!)

    1. Thanks Agniezska! I think I missed your nomination and answered someone else questions, sorry(( But I'm planning a follow up post answering all the questions!


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