Monday, December 24, 2012

What to expect in 2013

Howdy all! In case you missed me (or didn't know I was away! LOL) - I'm baaaa-ack!
Thought I should stick my head out and just let you know what to expect on the blog after the holidays. 

First of all, let me say "Thank you!" for all your lovely holiday (vacation and Christmas) wishes. 
We had a fantastic time in Bali (and I will show you all of the OPI goodies I found!!).
Also I am planning to dedicate January to showcasing some more Australian brands
(since January 26 is Australia Day).
I will also continue the to follow the two challenges (Where in the world? and The Battle).
Not sure if I should put the Blog Sale page up again - I'd love to hear your opinions on this!
Also, there was a lot (I mean a whole lot!) of nail mail waiting when we got back,
including Secret Santa presents - so I'll do some posts on that!
Of course, Nikolai and Cat will be appearing on the blog too!

Here are some pics of our holiday:

That's about it!
I wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year's!


  1. Thank you for sharing and the holiday wishes, Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you to lovely lady : )

    1. Thank you!!! Best wishes to you for the holidays!

  2. That looks absolutely gorgeous! Glad you had a nice time.

    1. Thanks lovely! I swear these don't do it justice!!

  3. Looks like your time in Bali was spent well! and that pool... OMG.

    1. Yes it's pretty great)) can't wait to come back next year!

  4. Beautiful photos!
    Merry Christmas! :*

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! It was very easy to take good pictures LOL

  6. wow, it looks stunning, I'm glad you had such a good time:)

  7. I'm sooo jealous, looks like you had an amazing time! :)


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