Thursday, December 5, 2013

Excuse the long absence....

I've had a crazy couple of months! How have you been?
Can you believe it's almost Christmas??? Crazy I say!

so..... let's catch up a bit - I'll post a heap of pics to show you what I've been up to
and then we can do the Aussie Nails Christmas Nail Art challenge together, ok?
First up - most of October was spent on holidays in Perth and in Bali.
Here are some snaps
Packing for 10 days - am I doing it right?
Don't you want to dive in?
Zoya - Solange
China Glaze - Unrefined
Sunset at Echo beach
Cuccio - Rose Gold Romance
Picture Polish - Sea Jewel
SpaBali - best spa in Seminyak in my humble opinion
(I cut out hubby out of the pic, but you can see his shoulder hehehe)
Dance Legend - Pitaya
Did you know pineapples don't grown on trees???? 
Lestarita - the perfect margarita at Lestari Restaurant
(enjoy responsibly!)

Sunset dinner at Jimbaran bay
I'm a beach bum!!!!
So that just about covers October, November was spent catching up on work and 
looking after the fur babies - they were most displeased with all of our jetsetting!
Nikolai's "i'm not amused" face
Cat was being her usual graceful self
Then he started to come around a little bit and wanted cuddles non-stop
now it was cat's turn to do a "leave-me-alone" face
Do you think he is trying to tell us something?
Nowadays we're pretty much back to the normal day-to-day: stealing breakfast.....
.... and taking over the bed
If you've made it all the way through the photo spam - thank you!
Hope you liked the little glimpse into my absence and everyday life.
As promised my next post will be on the AN Christmas Challenge
(feel free to have a look at IG tag #anxmas2013) stay tuned!

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