Wednesday, June 5, 2013

#RandomJuneMani - what it is and how to join

I had a few requests on IG to explain what the #RandomJuneMani is all about.
Here is a little post outlining the basic principal.
And I can't take the credit for "inventing" this - the idea was suggested
by one of the members of the June No Buy group (Hi Erica!)

The idea is that if you're stuck for inspiration, or need a distraction to stop you shopping,
this will help to challenge and inspire you!

You have to start by assigning a number to each polish in your stash - it doesn't matter how big or
small your collection is - you can still do this.
Here is a snapshot from my list in Excel format
The next step is to use the Random Number Generator to draw a number
(Min is always 1 and Max is the amount of polishes in your collection)
This is what is looks like
Once you have a number, match it to a polish in your stash:
 And that's it - that's the polish to use!
I chose to draw 2-3 numbers at a time and make them work together.

If you do try this - let me know and tag @cats_n_nails and also use the #RandomJuneMani tag.
Thanks for stopping by!


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  2. Holy crap, 1018 polishes!!! That's so awesome!!!! I will have to use this technique when I'm drawing a blank on which polish to use next!

  3. this looks fun! and you have a lot of polishes!!

  4. good idea, may have to try this sometime! :) also - I know at least 1 blogger who lets her cat pick out the colors. she just puts some bottles on the floor and whichever one the cat goes to, that's what she uses! I may have to do that myself now that I have a cat :)

  5. Just finished typing out my stash list too. Far less to choose from than you though! Excited to finish the month with random manis.

  6. This is so smart and fun!! I'll have to sit down and try it sometime!


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