Monday, May 6, 2013

Paint It Blue! - Final Days and Auction (!!!!)

Welcome to all the new followers - I hope you like what you see and stick around after the giveaway!

The last few days of the blue month (aka April) were exciting for a couple of reasons:
1) I kind of happened to discover how awesome layering toppers can be and 2) the auction!

So let's start with the pretty fingers first:
added water drops for the wet look
I started with Face Of Australia, then added Essence glitter and Nfu Oh flakes.
The result was pure awesomeness!!!!
overcast day, but they were still very sparkly
Oh what's this?
Just sneaky Nikolai 
Next time I tried some more glitter combinations over Sinful Colors Rainstorm.
 In the end I used Hits London and Rimmel Disco Ball.
Awkward mani pose, anyone? 
it's kind of weird, but in a good way
blurry for sparkles!
 I also wanted to try the new China Glaze holos
(Fact: I'm not usually a fan of the holo finish, but these are nice colours)
I had no issues with application, but the holo was a bit dulled by SV.
Added a stamp using  Tristam
And the last one for the month of blue: NOPI Kendall On The Katwalk
over OPI Eurso Euro
Flash brings out the blue
sparkles galore!
Now for the surprise part!!!!!
The Custom Blues for Autism auction finished on 30th April and.....
I had the highest bid for one of them!
The stunning custom polish from Alanna Renee is now on it's way - can't wait to swatch it!
All the proceeds went to ASPECT - you can find more information here.

Tara, who organised the event, did an incredible job: the auction raised over $3,500!
Have a look at Paint It Blue! for more statistics and to find out the highest bid.

Now that April is done, I can start my May swatch marathon - so stay tuned!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Gorgeous blues! And congrats on winning a custom polish!

    1. Thanks! I have it now - so I can post swatches!

  2. Loving all the blue manis and the shot of Nik - he's gorgeous!

  3. Very nice! I also bid on the AR polish but you beat me! Haha congrats!

    1. If you come to Perth you can play with it!

  4. beautiful glitters and cute kitty :)

  5. Gorgeous polishes, adorable kitty and Congratulations to the win :D Im so happy for you :)
    Im not a huge fan of the holo finish either :/ I only own two holos and they are not good :( They are SO pretty but the finish is horrible :(

    1. They tend to chip easily, but top coat kills the holo! some of them are good for stamping though. And thank you - I am so happy to have a special bottle of polish that no one in the world has!


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